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William #fundie michellemalkin.com

Can the US withdraw from the UN now, finally?

Can the US finally kick the UN out of the US and let them take up quarters in some better place, such as Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, the West Ban, Tehran, Kabul, or maybe in Somalia or Saudi Arabia?

Can the US finally place the UN on the list of terrorist supporting organizations?

If Fidel Castro is so wonderful, and if Cuba is so wonderful, why doesn’t the UN move its headquarters to Havana?

Why don’t the Hollywood celebrities and Main Stream News Media sycophants who LOVE Fidel and his Cuba move there and live there?

Malicious, violent, sadistic thugs are in power and they are praised, while good people and good nations are demonized and marginalized. Am I dreaming this, or is this really happening?

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md1964 #fundie michellemalkin.com

I’ve said it before…

At some point, being a White Christian Heterosexual Male will eventually be a crime in this country.

Welcome to Nazi America.. the people voted Adolph “Hugo-Fidel-Stalin” Obama into power and Power is being seized and expanded.

So all I can say to everyone…
Don’t Blame Me… I voted for Palin!!!!!

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conservativesRus #fundie michellemalkin.com

Wartip #8: I’ve said all along that Obama is in fact still a Muslim - if he were not, then why is there not a fatwah on his head?
Remember, one of the “approved islamic tactics” is to masquerade as something else in order to win their war.
For those inclined to have a Biblical worldview, this should not be surprising since satan masquerades as an angel of light, so will his servants. (II Cor 11: 14,15)

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purplepeep #fundie michellemalkin.com

(And species do change. People are so much taller than we were 500 years ago.)

Errr, Rusty, actually that proves good nutrition, not any theory of “evolution”. You could add in folks are getting fatter, for that matter. Proves people are eating too much, but not much else. Now, if you an example of someone turning into a literal “whole ‘nother animal” then you’d show “evolution”. But nothing has ever turned into something, so it just ain’t gonna happen.

There are big dogs and little dogs, but they are are all still dogs, Rusty.

(And our pinkies are slowly disappearing.)

Well, yours might be, Rusty. I’d see a doctor bout that if I were you.

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purplepeep & On-my-soap-box #fundie michellemalkin.com

(it's a fundie twofer!)

purplepeep: Should be wading hip deep in those billions of dang ever-elusive “transitional” fossils, Soap!

On-my-soap-box: LOL - purplepeep. I didn’t want to go there and get the evolutionists going and make this a thread jack.

You and I are trying to use facts against a Moby and we should be ashamed of ourselves! :wink:

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purplepeep #fundie michellemalkin.com

(Post #55)

Darwinists rue the day I engage and pose common sense and scientific questions, so there’s not much chance of combat here. I am merciless, apply pure logic and am not PC when it comes to scientific interrogation. No brag, just fact. (hattip to “Will Sonnet”)

I used to have faith in Darwinism, but then I questioned it. It just didn’t hold up and requires unbelievable suspension of disbelief. It’s not intellectually sustainable and , in fact, fails right outta the starting gate.

As SHoward noted, it shouldn’t be dissected because of one’s religion, but because of it’s very bad “science”. (Though, to be sure, no one who claims to be a genuine, small “o” orthodox Christian can also claim to believe in Darwinism, unless that person is confused about the faith.)

To coin a new phrase” “Facts are stubborn things”. (ain’t they?)

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On-my-soap-box #fundie michellemalkin.com

(Responding to someone saying Huckabee was 'nuts' for not believing in evolution)


News flash: you do not have to believe in evolution to be President.

Evolution is only a recent “theory” perpetrated on people with no will to believe there is something larger than them that should govern them.

Guess who said: If man were present on earth 3 million years, we should be able to walk outside our back door and step on fossil bones.

Charles Darwin

Who is the nut?