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elijahfire #fundie nairobiwire.com

the issue is what you believe about JESUS CHRIST God in the flesh NOT YOUR stinking filthy selfish ego and social justice platform.. you won't be talking your arrogant talk after 30 seconds of roasting and pain in hellfire.. hell is real and made for reprobates like you.. and you know what? nobody deserves an eternity in heaven but you see you seem to think YOUR just wonderful and not evil and not sinful.. the gospel declares you rotten filthy evil wicked and yes you deserve hell.. this is not a place anybody should spend eternity.. as for making this world a better place its a short time.. here today gone tomorrow.. you live your best life not and rot in hell forever.. suffering in agony and pain having your conscience roasted because you know you rejected the ONE TRUE GOD OF LOVE where all truth light and love and REAL JUSTICE comes from not the garbage social justice junk you bobbleheads push.. have fun in hell with your butcher stalin.. the problem with you satanists if you fear nobody even GOD.. thats scary considering your one hair breath away from an eternal hell.. your deluded thinking its not all bad in hell.. demons will be tormenting and torturing you there forever and how dare you call JESUS a tyrant it was your master satan who put him on that cross only BECAUSE HE LET HIMSELF BE PUT THERE... GOD RULES THIS UNIVERSE YOU IMBECILE NOT YOU NOT SATAN and NOT YOUR SATANIC BUDDIES.. REPENT BEFORE YOU END UP WHERE YOU DESERVE TO GO.