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I never really liked my dad too much, and he always seemed like a coward and a dead-beat dad to me, but this pretty much just solidifies my disgust and dislike for him.

A few years ago, my dad asks me to visit him. I go and bring my spouse and we visit him at his house. When I ring the doorbell, a mocha-mistake opens the door, and confused, I shake the little niglet's hand. I see my dad coming over, and he's all like, "Say hello to your little brother!". I was like, "LOL, I only have sisters", and he was like, "Well, you've got brothers now! and another little sister!" I literally tried my hardest not to cringe and act like a polite cuckold, but I started to feel ill. Then the mother (a woman from the Dominican Republic who does not speak English and is as dark-as-night) comes over and smiles and nods at me. I swear she looks exactly like the female version of Tyrone. We all sit down and have an awkward dinner, and the entire time I'm looking at my dad like, "Were you THAT desperate to marry (let alone fuck) a sheboon?", while I'm trying to swallow down her shitty dinner.

My grandmother is a race-realist, so after that visit, I stopped by her place. She couldn't believe it either and seemed pretty disgusted, said my father and his family were trash, and that it was a good thing that he wasn't in my life very much. VOMIT!

In any case goys, make sure that this shit never happens to you. I have now disowned my father and never talk to him (this time out of choice). This was the final nail in our relationship coffin, basically.

Oh yeah, the most lulzy part is that I just saw a photo of this sheboon on Facebook and she now bleaches the SHIT out of her skin and dyes her hair a light-orange brown color, straightens it, etc. It seems like even Dominicans hate being black themselves. Honestly, she's given herself the Sammy Sosa treatment, and it's both hilarious and sad.

The worst part is that these niglets now have my beautiful Irish last name, along with the sheboon wife. UGH!