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The truth is you do live in a war zone. Your enemy, the master of deceit, has just disguised your environment so that you think you are safe and not at war. Your children’s world is littered inviting objects that can blow up or paths that lead to spiritual devastation or even death. Your enemy prowls as a roaring lion. Safety is an illusion in modern America.

You do live in a war zone. Your family’s life is on the line each day. What difference will it make in the way you care for and protect your children?

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Jay Younts #fundie shepherdpress.com

Kirk’s words, often the same words that you and I might think, are reported as hate speech. He is openly mocked, ridiculed and even hated for believing what committed Christians should believe. His words are frequently taken out of context so that often what is reported is not accurate. Kirk is not the only one to endure this treatment. There are other Christians, other public figures that are treated this way. But I am blessed to know Kirk, so for me it is personal. And I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to do two things.

First, pray for Kirk and those like him who remain faithful even in the middle of the media blitz and misinformation. Be thankful for their sacrifice and willingness to speak the truth when it is not pleasant to do so.

Second, follow his example, and speak clearly to those you come in contact with about who God is and what the Bible teaches. In many ways folks like Kirk are doing the job that our churches should be doing, the job you and I should be doing. We don’t need to be on TV to make an impact for Christ. Pray that God would give us the courage to make the most of the opportunities given to us to speak God’s truth in love.

I encourage you to be thankful for those like Kirk who are in the public eye. Pray for them. Join me in thanking Kirk for standing for the things we hold dear. Let him know he is not alone.

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Fox and National Geographic Channels have combined to create a remake of the old Carl Sagan TV series, “Cosmos.” This new series is anything but fair and balanced. The writers of the new Cosmos make it clear they believe there is no explanation, other than evolution and random chance, for the origins of life and the universe. They are certainly free to think that way. However, the new Cosmos is not just promoting a particular view of science. The show is actively targeting and mocking Christians and any belief other than theirs.

The first program specifically went after various Christian beliefs as well as going after the Catholic church with derogatory, condescending comments. The second show portrayed the tree of evolution as the tree of life. Again there were pointed statements about the evolutionary process being ruled by chance and openly mocking the idea of intelligent design. The narrator delighted in pointing out that some people were uncomfortable and had emotional reactions to the reality that we evolved from apes and that our DNA has much in common with trees. This was illustrated with DNA replicas. I guess they thought this was more effective than showing a grinning Carl Sagan hugging a tree in the old Cosmos. Again, I have no problem with Cosmos being allowed to say what they want in the public media. But, as Christians, we would be foolish to miss the pointedness and the arrogance of the attack. Nothing is allowable except random mutation of single cell organisms and evolution to account for life on earth. Fancy graphics and an improved space ship from the first Cosmos do not change what is real.

The choice is clear about how creation occurred. You can opt for random selection or the loving, providential Word of God in the person of Jesus Christ. The former makes morality and ethics just as random as the evolutionary process itself. There are no standards and there cannot be truth. There can only be the fluid and dynamic morality of random chance.

The latter view provides the basis for accountability and purpose in life. There is much at stake here for us and for our children. Observe carefully and be ready to respond to a lost world with the truth that God is the creator of all. We are all accountable to him who has determined the exact places where we will live and who provides us with our next breath. We must be bold, clear and gentle in proclaiming that God is not a figment of the imagination, but the Lord of all creation who spoke the universe into existence.

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he purpose of the family is 1) to maintain and nourish the one-flesh relationship between husband and wife, and 2) to prepare children to leave the home of their parents and establish their own home. The family does not exist for itself. Genesis 2:24 teaches that the husband-wife relationship does not exist primarily for children. Children are only temporary residents. A husband and wife are to remain together after the children have left. Parents, note this well: God wants your children to leave home. They are to move on. Parents are the ones who stay put.

When children become the primary purpose of family life, the focus of parents shifts to the enjoyment of children. Children become an end in themselves. In the 21st century, children are often wanted simply for the experience of having children. Famous single people, both homosexual and heterosexual, adopt children or bear them outside of marriage because they don’t want to miss the parenting experience. To be sure, the Bible teaches that children are a blessing from God. Being a parent should be a profound and wonderful experience. However, this experience must never become the primary goal of having children. They are to be raised for His glory and for His purposes. When people, married or single, Christian or not, have children and raise them for their own purposes, awful consequences occur. Wrong priorities distort the entire concept of family.

This shift in focus from the training of children to the enjoyment of children actually diminishes the pleasure of parenting. Children are selfish, devious and ungrateful by nature. Unless children are instructed and disciplined to follow God, they will follow their own natural ways. They will always frustrate the expectations of parental enjoyment. Parents looking primarily for enjoyment from such creatures are in for a major disappointment. Loving, enjoyable relationships between parents and children are a by-product of good parenting, not the goal. Even at that, the enjoyment of children is a blessing from God that should not be assumed or taken for granted. Many good parents have endured heartbreaking situations with their children.

People like Freud, Dewey, Hall, Spock and Piaget, who despise the very idea of the living God of the Bible, have shaped the world’s (and, unfortunately, many Christians’) thinking about raising children. These men teach that children are independent beings who must be free to make up their own minds about the world around them. Creativity and discovery must not be stifled. Lies are the expression of a child’s mytho-poetic capability. Sexual conduct must not be restricted. Sexual experimentation at almost any age is encouraged. Children must be free to choose what they want to be. Self-expression is the creed of the day, no matter how perverse that expression may be. It does not take long for children raised this way to become anything but enjoyable. Thus child abuse rises, broken homes become the norm and life for many families is an increasing frustration.

In this modern environment, the home functions not as a greenhouse, but as a stage. Children are displayed, not protected. Children are exploited, not trained. Sinful behavior is accepted and defended. Parents live for their children and children live for themselves. Many believe that small children cannot understand such complex concepts as God, sin, responsibility and substitutionary atonement. So instead of teaching children the hope of the gospel as the solution for the difficulties of life, parents invest in their children’s accomplishments and performance. If children are not on the honor roll, winning beauty contests or leading the team in scoring at an early age, parents are disappointed. No child can bear this awful weight.

Remember, the home is to be like a greenhouse. Its purpose is to help children grow in God’s way. The home is not a stage for displaying children. Over against the modern theme is God’s direction for parents to teach children about His ways and how He runs His world.

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Happy Holidays is the sensitive, politically correct, caring greeting to offer from Thanksgiving Day until Happy Holiday Day. After Happy Holliday Day then it is fine form to actually say Happy New Year. No one seems to be offended at the prospect of celebrating parties, drunkenness and the fleeting hope that next year will be better than this year.

Of course saying Happy Thanksgiving is becoming problematic because someone might think you are thankful to the God of the Bible. Thus, to avoid to avoid confusion, giving offense and a possible lawsuit it is just easier to say Happy Holidays.

Therefore, to offer a truly happy, non-offensive greeting all you have to do is to avoid the mention of anything that might possibly be a reference to Jesus Christ.

But, then it is fair to ask why should anyone be happy if God and his Son are not the reason for being happy. During the holidays people eat too much, spend money on friends and relatives they don’t even like, go into debt for things that will end up in the landfill, have hangovers and bad memories. What is happy about that?

You see the attempt to disconnect God from the holiday season actually leads to despair. In this politically correct world, the only logical response to someone wishing you Happy Holidays is why?

Of course you do have the reason to celebrate and know true happiness. You have the sure promise that your sins are forgiven. You know that despite all of the problems in life, that your God works everything for your good and his glory. Your gifts are expressions of love and gratitude, not attempts to buy affection. You know that happiness is more than what happens to us.

Look for every opportunity this Christmas season to tell others why your Christmas is a Merry Christmas. There really is a reason to be happy!

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Shannon, Thanks for your comment. The point of the post is that there would be no holiday season apart from the celebration of Christmas. Without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ there is no reason for joy or happiness in this world. To wish happiness for something that does not exist is not really a blessing. You are right that it is important to be thoughtful and kind in our expressions.

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Jay Younts #fundie shepherdpress.com

The idea that even one’s most intimate, hidden and personal thoughts will be held accountable to the God of the Bible is abhorrent to our culture. Even Christians have become embarrassed to state such an idea openly.

The modern attempt is to put God and his Bible in an intellectual box and then label that box bigotry and intolerance. Surely we can do what we want with our bodies, our unborn children and our thoughts.

The spirit of the people of Babel lives on with great passion!

Then they said, “Come, let’s build a great city for ourselves with a tower that reaches into the sky. This will make us famous and keep us from being scattered all over the world.” Genesis 11:4

Man’s spirit has not changed much over time.

Now our culture has once again become fascinated with itself. The trauma and tragedy of the two great wars of the 20th century has faded into a dull memory. Culturally, politically we think that we know what is best for our lives without regard for God. We have become like Israel in the time of the Judges. We do what is right in our own eyes: to each his own.

May God renew our passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is only hope for your children.