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Victor Whitelaw #racist slackbastard.anarchobase.com

Like the Negroids and other wretched primitives they admire, promote and advocate, the Leftists have extremely poor impulse control and an infantile predilection for instant gratification of the most basest instincts. To paraphrase the late, great Dr. William Luther Pierce, they are spiritually retarded creatures of stunted character locked into a chronic state of emotional arrested development like a baby stimulating its own genitals and playing with its own faeces as it explores the boundaries of its new world. Sadly, the Leftists have never ‘moved on’ from this primitive developmental phase and matured into responsible adults who understand that playing with poopy is not healthy (militant Homo activists would claim otherwise) they have no innate rights or privileges to be spoon fed ad infinitum by a nanny welfare state, hence their addiction to scatological ‘humour’ and Hollywood masturbatory fantasies and an inability to cope with the harsh realities of life as it is rather than what they WANT it to be.

[The original post is a trifecta, but this part is my favourite]