John A. Davison #fundie

Since the Constitution no longer has any validity, I suggest that it be abandoned as a working document. We should become a Confederation of States each of which would control its own destiny. That would automatically produce excellence as the individual states would compete with each other to attract the best features of a free society and the free enterprise system. They are already doing that. The only role for the Federal government would be the only thing it has ever done effectively which is to provide for the common defense. Taxes only for that purpose would be the only federal taxes allowed. All other taxes would be local. Many already are!

Actually the states already have their individual Constitutions. This proposal is not as crazy as it at first sounds. After all, the Constitution already delegates to the states virtually all powers anyway. The relatively few it reserves for the Federal government have all been ignored and violated countless times as our freedoms have progressively disappeared. This would be an opportunity to revive them.

The American dream of our Founding Fathers has failed miserably. We have already exceeded the two century mark typical for many past governments. I see this proposal as a golden opportunity to return to the conservative vision of our Founding Fathers, some of whom were in favor of this proposal even before the present Constitution was ratified. We must do something to stop the death spiral of our present course which, if unchecked, will certainly result in our demise as the land of the free. Desperate times require desperate measures.

I say let us make a fresh start before it is too late. I’m deadly serious.

What say others?



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