Alfred Lambremont Webre #conspiracy

The shooter Patsy in the Comet Pizzagate False Flag Shooting is identified as Edgar Maddison Welch, who played the part of the SHOOTER in the Movie “Something About Pizza!” Welch’s acting chops and history qualify him as a “Crisis actor” in the Pizzagate false flag “psyop” operation.

NWO False Flag central is now coordinating these false flags as it did in the Boston Marathon false flag psyop and many others. The purpose of the Pizzagate False Flag shooting is to discredit existence and hide and deflect from the activities the Global Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophile Ring. The Pizzagate attack is meant to use psychological operations “psyops” principles to “inoculate” with mainstream media managed news around a ritualistic staged false flag involving pre-scripted actors and agreements with a traveling false flag troupe hidden within layers of sequestered secret black ops that part of the ring that has infiltrated US, state, and local government, media, churches, courts, and social services institutions, as needed for the performance of a particular false flag.



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