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Since I became a born again Christian many years ago, I knew that the Bible was the Word of God and, therefore, true. However, I couldn't fit the dinosaurs logically into the picture. God reveals everything in time. In the book of Genesis, He tells Adam and Eve to replenish the earth. This means to fill it up again. The earth of Genesis is a transformation of the original earth.
The original earth contained the dinosaurs, which were docile creatures. When Lucifer was kicked out of heaven, he came to earth and brought violence with him, passing it on to the dinosaurs. Then God created the ice age to destroy creation. The melted ice covered the earth with water, as told in Genesis, and a transformation began, possibly millions of years later. Then man was created as well as new types of animals, birds and other living creatures. There were no dinosaurs to include on Noah's ark. The Bible is true.



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