lilies of the field #fundie

(On the Rapture)

(willowtree: I would only want to see the good part. Not the killings, torture, beheadings,etc. Otherwise, I would cry a lot and there are no more tears in heaven. (sad face) )

lilies of the field: (in response to willowtree) Heaven will be pure bliss, so why would we want to be wrapped up with what is happening here when at long last we will be in the presence of the Lord? I can understand curiosity, such as seeing who the anti-Christ is and watching events unfold, but watching what goes on on earth, at any point in time, let alone during the tribulation, would be looking upon incredible sin. When I am finally shed of my sin nature, due to God's grace, I won't be wanting to be looking upon it down here. I just want to behold God's glory!



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