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Contrary to what the Jewish media is saying, Jeff Epstein did not kill himself. He is still alive today and hiding somewhere in this planet. How would I know? Because the Jews are just trying to make it seem as if there is an end to this event and get attention away from Epstein because he is a Jew. I ask you this: Why would the Jews have Epstein dead when he's one of their fellow ilk? With the amount of power the Jews have, they could very easily have just located him to another place to live the rest of his life. The claim that he hanged himself is just more fake news.

The question still remains: Why did the Jewish media cover the story of Epstein, a fellow Jew, committing acts of pedophilia? Why were the Jews not hiding this information from the public? I'm assuming the reason the Jews were covering this story in the first place was just for more media attention and to distract the masses. This whole pedophilia claim was faked by Jews along with the claim that Epstein committed suicide. The Jews would have concealed such information for a fellow Jew of theirs if such an event actually happened. It would not make sense for them not to use their power to help a tribes-man of theirs escape justice. So the reason why the pedophilia story was mentioned by Jews was because it was all stage play by Jews to distract us from other matters.



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