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This is interesting. In 1969, Planned Parenthood had a planned population control agenda waiting to be implemented in the West.


From reader JR (livelihood-saving anonymity provided courtesy of blog owner(s)),

the document appears to be real

the defense is that they were just, you know, discussing possible proposals and ideas for limiting population, not necessarily endorsing them

of course, literally all of them were done and are now celebrated – except for the water supply one*

at least, as far as we know

so what have the Media and Establishment done since 1969:

– encouraged women to work

– portrayed the ideal family size as being only 1-2 children – or even none

– portrayed the time to start a family as being in your 30s

– encouraged and celebrated homosexuality

– extended mandatory education to high school and even college for most jobs


*The water supply suggestion has been implemented, (accidentally if not intentionally). Our waters now teem with the effluvia of plastics, estrogens, birth control pills, fluoride, and innumerable endocrine disruptors.

It’s funny that humans thought they could mess with the primal forces of nature (reproduction) and not incur any civilizational-sized blowback.

At least now we have proof (as if it was needed) that foreign-led organizations like Planned Parenthood actively and strategically pushed Poz down the collective throat of America for decades, in an attempt to weaken the spirit of Heritage Americans and quash their desire for posterity and their ability to achieve it.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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