Proper Ganda #conspiracy

Stalin never believed that Hitler shot himself in the bunker. There is rather too much circumstantial evidence out there pointing to Hitler and Eva Braun having lived out the rest of their lives in Argentina, to be dismissed as just a daft fantasy. I've read quite a bit on the subject over the years. Hitler escaped to Argentina I now believe. How he got there is open to speculation. I suspect that if Monty had had his way and spearheaded his advance to Berlin, and liberated that city before the Red Army had got there I reckon Hitler, and some of his staff would have thrown themselves on the mercy of 'The English' like Napoleon had done over a century earlier. These people were living in a dream world of unreality that we could ever understand today with the benefit of hind sight. If General Patton had beaten Monty to Berlin, Hitler might have done the just same except for they contempt the Nazis had for Roosevelt and his dew ish cronies. Imagine what the Russians would have done with great beast himself if they had captured him alive? So for Hitler it was a stark choice between either an ignominious death in a cave, or a new life somewhere out of reach of the allies. The Fuhrer chose Argentina.



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