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"A record number of poor kids are eating breakfast — thanks to a program many conservatives hate"

First, only a liberal media source like the Washington Post would brag about a record number of children being dependent on a government program due to their parents not providing for them. Whether it's a result of poor economic conditions where they live or lack of personal responsibility, it's nothing to be proud of. Second, calling these lunches free is fake news. Just like every other government program from the Affordable Care Act on down someone is always paying for those who are incapable of or refuse to provide for themselves and their children. Third, this program and all others should only be for the truly poor and one has to be just that to not be able to afford a big $2.00 container of oatmeal and bananas to cut up and put over the top of it. Finally, I have the misfortune of knowing several individuals who have children with 3-4 different women and don't provide for them. Can you guess who does? The rest of us. May the government start permanently sterilizing individuals who through their irresponsible actions and selfishness create a burden on the rest of society. They are a cancer in need of major radiation. They make me sick.



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