SharnCedar #fundie

(Regarding the woman in Ireland who died when a hospital refused to provide her with an emergency abortion)

We need a special law for this - after all one person out of 7 billion died that certainly is a justification for 50 million abortions. Since she was Indian, if the baby was a girl it should have been aborted just like in India where girl babies are murdered by the 10's of millions.

What is 10 million murdered babies compared with one woman's life? There are only 7 billion people on earth, we need to make a huge deal out of one death. Because we are stupid liberals unable to understand mathematics, or to compare things of different scales. We can't distinguish between 50 million babies murdered, many of them for the "crime" of being female, and one person dying in a hospital when sick. We liberals pride ourselves on ignoring mathematics, rational thinking, and science. We make decisions by emotions and hysteria.



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