Susan Foley #fundie

(=Comments on Christian author Glen Melton Doyle coming out as a lesbian and subsequent marriage to a woman=)

Susan Foley: One can only imagine what the children here really think of this. Have they actually "fallen for Abby"? Is it really their desire "to watch one woman at a time live her truth without asking for permission or offering explanation" when that one woman is their mother, and "living her truth" means tearing up their family, and the permission and explanation would should have been asked from them, given to them? "Oh no, who cares what you think dear, I'm off "living my truth" and you'll just have to adapt. You'd better pretend to be happy about it too or you'll ruin the story!" We won't hear from them until they are old enough to get out from under this monster self-absorbed mother they've got.

Charlie Sutton: My bet: within three years, there will be a tempestuous break-up.

Susan Foley: Count on it. When what matters is the gratification of the present desire, because people are inconstant, when the desire changes, more promises are broken.



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