Moralmoe91 #sexist

Why decent American men are angry and bitter towards women

American women love to be smartasses and say guys like me are just bitter because we aren't getting laid. Let me just say that I don't completely disagree with them but their argument is too simplistic and doesn't tell the full story. Furthermore their argument doesnt acknowledge womens responsibility in the matter. We all know that men like sex and going without does suck. But that's not the biggest reason men are angry at women. So why are men angry at women? It's very simple.... American women ally themselves with evil men. If you look at all the wars in history they have been a struggle between decent men and evil men. And when women ally themselves with evil men they become the enemy of decent men. But this still doesn't explain why women are the main target of decent men's rage today instead of the evil men they are with. I think there are multiple factors at play that are causing this. For one, American women are teases and love sexually provoking men. American women also actively oppose prostitution, thus preventing a significant percentage of men from getting any sort of sexual release. And lastly American women dress and behave like sluts so guys are constantly reminded of what they are missing in life. I think these things are what cause men to focus their anger on women instead of other men. But the fact that women ally themselves with evil men is the straw that breaks the camel's back and makes men really angry. If you look at all the men that have lashed out at society there's a common theme. These guys were bullied by other men, men that are usually very successful with women. I think this is what really drives certain men over the edge. Most men have an idealized image of female morality in their heads and they don't know how to take it when they see women actively engaging in and encouraging evil so they snap. These are my thoughts on the matter anyway. What do you think?



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