Daniel Rutschman #fundie washingtonpost.com

This article is a very clever word game, reminiscent of Bill Clinton testifying about whether he had sex with Monica Lewinsky. It dodges the actual issue of whether Europe should allow itself to be assimilated by Islamic culture in the name of political correctness or should Islamic immigrants be required to assimilate themselves into European culture?

IT DOESN'T MATTER if it's a burqa or a hijab or a niqab, or how many women actually wear them. What does matter is that Europeans are waking up to the dangers posed by the importation of the Islamic culture into their own, and are taking a stand against it. Wearing Islamic garb is symbolic. So is the banning of wearing that garb in situations where public safety is concerned.

Adam Taylor, Agnes De Feo, and other Islamic apologists actually have the audacity to blame bans on burqas as a cause for women becoming Islamic terrorists. That's like saying gun laws caused the Sandy Hook school shootings.



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