Oracle Z #fundie

Many men today deal with such scheming women in their day to day lives. Compare the Biblical Jezebel’s traits with feminism-bred, modern women you’d commonly see around you, which are explored below:

•Rebelliousness – both moral and spiritual? Check.
•Controlling tendencies over men (more so in partnerships)? Check.
•Tyrannical , unfeminine behavior and cruelty over the weak? Check.
•Narcissism? Check.
•Hatred towards men (covert or open)? Check.
•Extravagance, hustling and materialistic greed? Check.
•Spiritual harlotry and skepticism or general disdain for patriarchal religion? Check.
•Witchcraft and occult Sympathies? Check.
•Deception, habitual lying and cunning manipulation? Check.
•No sense of justice? Check.
•Promotion of sexual profligacy to fellow women? Check.
•Hubris and capriciousness? Check.
•General refusal to accept mistakes, no conscience and shamelessness? Check.

The reason why Jezebelian traits are increasingly seen in modern feminist women is the same as what defined Jezebel herself: spiritual rebellion or disgust to patriarchal religion in modern feminist societies. With the rise of witchcraft (Jezebel’s faith) in modern societies, more women turn away from patriarchal religion. And religious and spiritual corruption then sets the tone for eventual moral corruption, as godless women will obviously act in godless ways.

The rising skepticism towards religion itself in the modern world further complicates the problem. As mentioned above, the influx of the Jezebelian spirit into religious institutions further poisons the very framework which could possibly have exorcised the roots of the Jezebelian spirit in the modern world.



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