Anna Diehl #fundie

Now of course whenever God starts talking about slamming babies against the ground and ripping open pregnant women, a whole crop of God haters start freaking out and declaring that these verses prove that the Christian God is a coldhearted Creep. Well, no, actually these verses prove that the real Gods are not boundaryless doormats who we can walk all over without consequences. You see, it’s perfectly okay if we humans draw derogatory pictures of Jesus and openly mock our Creators in public, but should those same Creators retaliate by maiming our earthsuits or slaughtering our loved ones, well then They’re the Jerks, and we’re just the innocent victims. These are the games we play, but such games don’t fly with our Gods. You won’t find Yahweh apologizing for His assault on babies and pregnant women. Instead, you’ll find Him taking full responsibility for the carnage so that the defiant Jews make no mistake about Who it is that’s tearing them apart.



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