I have noticed is that people within the gay community keep tacking new letters onto the LGBT acronym in an effort to “give representation to marginalised voices” – or in real English: to feel like more of a victim so they can get more preferential treatment. You see this all the time in the gay community especially – one only needs to search “LGBT acronym” to find out that the acronym is apparently now “LGBTTQQIAAP”.

For people that don’t like being cast aside and discriminated against they sure do a good job of it themselves. Not to mention that I thought that being gay was a sexuality, but yet we have in the LGBT acronym the word “transgender”, which is living life as a different gender due to mental illnesses. It has been told to me again and again that being transgender is not a sexual perversion, but if it isn’t then why is it in that acronym to start with?

The sexual revolution of the 1960s obviously played a key part in allowing this degeneracy, paving the way for people (especially women) to deem it socially acceptable to sleep around with multiple people, even at once, and regardless of their gender. Despite all of this ethical bankruptcy, this school of thought in recent times has really been pushed way too far.



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