Lidia Love #fundie

Yet another egregious example of so-called progressive totalitarian selective democracy. So Daleiden's home gets raided, his computers, videos, and files get confiscated while the FBI patiently waited several months for Hillary Clinton to have her server, possible still containing thousands of secret government documents, delivered to them. First of all, what in the world do the videos Daleiden amassed have to do with prosecution for the use of possible fake driver’s licenses? Journalists and so many individuals have often resorted to such means to get into where they feel they need to get, but DAs do not order the confiscation of materials they collect. If that were the case then why are not all the documents, videos and files of illegal immigrants who are found using bogus government IDs also not subjected to the same treatment? Michael Moore has for years engaged in very similar tactics aimed at hurting businesses yet never has he been charged with conspiracy.

Aside from the traditional vicious vindictiveness that is so characteristic of so-called progressive liberals toward anyone who dares to bring to daylight some of the notorious activities their people are involved in, this case should serve as a warning to all of us of the creeping totalitarianism that awaits us if the inheritors of Obama's legacy succeed him in office. Obama cleverly wiggled out of the condemnation he should have been subjected to for grossly extending the government surveillance program of every American's correspondence within the Homeland. If anybody should be indicted first among them should be CA Attorney Harris for engaging in discriminative prosecutions and corruption in serving one of her financial benefactors.



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