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[In response to the question 'But why should the Jews want to control and eventually destroy civilization?']

Dr. Joseph Goebbels likened them to a swarm of potato bugs, which buzz from one field to another. The insects cannot help themselves from devouring every crop into which they drift. "The Jews similarly destroy the nations and peoples of the world," the good doctor observed.

His analogy suggests that Jews are instinctually driven to corrupt and ruin civilization wherever they find it. Trying to turn them into good Christians, as suggested by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice, only provides them with another cover under which they conceal their uninterrupted villainy. As born parasites, no amount of re-programming can turn potato-bugs into wonderful butterflies. Even severe legal prosecution against individually powerful Jews, such as that inflicted recently on Martha Stewart’s kosher corrupter, or the exploitative oil oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovski, imprisoned in Russia, amounts to a relatively harmless insecticide. Instead, the Western world needs to be crop-dusted with something far more inclusive. One nationally televised documentary exposing Jewish perfidy will be a thousand times more effective than all baptismal fonts and court convictions combined.

How the Jews became what they are is perhaps revealed in their ancient origins. They are probably descended from Semitic inhabitants in Palestine, perhaps the Canaanites mentioned by the Old Testament. Every people produces a minority criminal class, and the Canaanites expelled theirs into the desert, where harsh conditions weeded out all but the strongest, shrewdest individuals. From this exiled group of dangerous misfits who formed their own gene pool of survival traits, the Jewish race might have eventually emerged from petty bandits to the transnational corporate bandits of today. They have been a non-nation of exiles ever since. A similar criminal people could be created today if, for example, America’s prison populations of hereditary felons inter-breed exclusively among themselves, thereby combining and passing on their twisted heritage to following generations of malefactors in a new genetic group.

Demanding desert conditions of four thousand or more years ago would have similarly forced the Canaanite exiles to combine and adapt, or die. Many, maybe most, did. But enough --- the strongest and most resourceful --- survived to pass their toughened genetic inheritance down across successive generations, resulting in a race apart. Today’s Jews are perhaps the descendants of this ancient class of exiled Semites, despite inevitable "assimilation" with Gentiles over the centuries, as they wandered from people to people, first ingratiating themselves as the innocent victims of "religious persecution", then making themselves indispensable through loan-lending, eventually poisoning all potential native opposition that stood in their way of obtaining power, finally devouring the host culture’s wealth before moving on to another people and repeating the process elsewhere. This would help explain their unfortunate reputation as human potato-bugs.

Complimenting these historical speculations, a metaphysical interpretation argues that the Jews are part of the very force that characterizes existence itself; namely, the eternal confrontation of opposites: light contrasted by darkness, heat versus cold, gravity and matter, life and death throughout the animal kingdom, etc., etc. It is through the process of struggle that life is either made stronger and earns its right to survive, or succumbs and vanishes. So too, the supreme creative race of our planet is opposed by its polar opposite. Only in overcoming the Jews can Aryan mankind fulfill its godlike destiny. To lose such a struggle must not only rob us of our yet unfulfilled potential, but condemn us to the same fate that befell all other defunct species before us: extinction.

In this, we are no different than the dinosaurs who failed to prevail over their own particular challenges. We differ from them only in that, should we fall, no one will be left in the future to wonder over our fossilized bones.



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