Grace Dalton #fundie

We need to know more about what "welcoming" means. Of course theys should be welcomed, but trangenderism itself must absolutely not be endorsed.

Being born "in the wrong body" is a concept that utterly rejects God and science. Very rarely, individuals are born with intersex
conditions – but almost everyone has XX or XY chromosomes in every body cell (other than gametes of course). Each human being is a unique, immeasurably valuable individual, God loves them with a love that, like that of a parent, transcends gender - so to change name/anatomy/hormones is unnecessary, and a defiant rebellion against God's perfect plan. We should show transgender people that they are loved, so that they will come into the Christian community where they can be told the Gospel. That doesn't mean that is at all OK to affirm their feelings of being something other than the biological sex that God assigned to them.

What’s most tragic, is that our society’s celebration and encouraging of transgenderism demonstrates it’s rejection of God. It utterly breaks my heart; on the occassions that I've thought deeply about the LGBT movement, I've ended up in tears. Male and female He created us – and yet there is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus – that is God has put each of us into the body He deemed best for us - what actually matters is whether we'll spend eternity with Him, and most people around us don't realise that they're at risk of missing their opportunity. We must continually seek with urgency to do all we can to show Jesus to our world.

(these are useful – obviously I do not necessarily agree with each article



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