CreatorsCollege #racist

I grew up in Milwaukee, and my pops used to call them "peckerwoods." Summers in Memphis, they where 'white folks."

A friend in NY call them "blank" people.

Living in Cairo, I have NO contact with white people, thugh some Egyptians identify as white so I sometimes have to use "european" (UR A PEON).

I use plain old white people or whites, but I am practicing with un-humans.

I have had delicious experience using it on tourists from Europe who try to bond in the "I hate America" too kind of way, arrogantly assuming because I'm black I automatically would.

I just point out that the un-human "vi-russs" (and I use the tone and inflection of the dude from the Matrix) has infected the entire earth and was germinated in Europe, an the earth and her children are preparing to re-balance themselves by eliminating the threat to our survival, and the cleansing will include the "source!!"


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