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[Referring to the airplane that recently made a fatality-free crash landing in the Hudson River.]

Female pilots are fine, till there's a situation like the US Airways emergency in the Hudson River.

While not impossible for a female pilot to have made the exact same decision, I'll put my life into the decisional/emotional state of a man, thank you.

It can't be denied that the reactions of male and female are different. That's not a bad thing. That's not a put down. But MayDay in a passenger jetliner and a girl deciding what to do? You get the point.

The plane that crashed in the Pacific off LAX some years back, had a nonresponsive worm gear on the elevator (rear flaps), I believe it was. In stead of using the other flaps and ailerons to steer back to a landing, the female pilot decided to run the worm gear out to the end and back.

It was already known to be "sticking" and now it is stuck in an extreme position making the plane uncontrollable by the other flaps and such.

A male's decision would have been to fly back with what you know you have that works. The belief that while in the air, you could tweak and toy with the problematic elevator, which came from the female pilot, was the cause of the crash and loss of all souls on board.

The press managed to keep it real low and below the radar, that the pilot was female. You had to dig to find it out.



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