NightNinja76 #fundie

(Question: For those of you who are atheist:
You don't believe in "god" or dogma, I think that's pretty well established; but what if your child eventually adopted a form of spirituality or religion?
What would your reaction be and how would you deal with and/ or nurture this?)

I would challenge his beliefs as frequently as possible. If he couldn't rationally defend them, our relationship would probably dissolve.

Faith is pretty much the opposite of reason. Becoming religious is pretty much a guarantee that I will no longer be speaking to my child.

If he has a rational foundation for that belief he won't be discarded.

If my child has faith, he is obviously defective, and I will have no use for him.

If I had raised an adult who had baseless fantasies about gods, unicorns, and afterlives, I would not continue a relationship with him, effectively purging my progeny from my life.

(fundie atheist?)



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