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CARLSON (HOST): People have faith on the left that voter fraud never happens. It’s a myth, they’ll tell you, something that was cooked up by right-wingers in order to take people’s civil rights away. Democrats believe this so strongly, or pretend they do, that many will argue strenuously against taking any steps to protect against voter fraud because, again, it doesn't even exist. Well someone finally decided to check on that question. An audit just released by North Carolina's bipartisan Board of Elections found that of 4.8 million votes cast in that state, at least 508 appear to be fraudulent, mostly in the form of convicted felons voting illegally. Dozens more voted despite not being citizens. Others voted twice. A handful were caught impersonating other people. Now that's 508 votes, doesn't sound like a lot until you remember that major elections have turned on fewer votes than that. In Florida, for example, in 2000, had the same level of voter fraud as North Carolina taken place, it would be about 800 hundred votes, proportionally. George W. Bush won that state and the presidency, you’ll remember, by 537 votes. So it does matter, which Democrats probably know in the first place, hence their position on it. [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4/25/17]



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