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(A poster asks why Yiddish is listed in his dictionary as an Indo-European Germanic language spoken in Europe, but not Hebrew.)

We actually know exactly why there is no mention of Hebrew. It’s the same reason why you will find little or no mention in classroom history books of the role that churches played in the American Revolution or the fervent Christianity of most of the Founding Fathers. It is the same reason that the Capitol Visitor Center initially said that “E Pluribus Unum” was our national motto when it is actually “In God we Trust.” We could give you example after example of similar selective omissions or misrepresentations that all share one common feature: Aggressive secularism and the flagrant attempt to undermine Judeo-Christian Biblical faith and obscure its vital role in the emergence of western civilization in general and and American civilization in particular.


The agenda was transparently clear. Academia has become staunchly anti-God and anything which suggests that Judaism and/or Christianity contributed to the world’s advancement or that there is validity to Biblical accounts is a threat to that position. Ideology trumps honest research and discourse whether in discussions of evolution or language.



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