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Again, I just did list them, it is your understanding of the verses that is clouded. There is 1) sound doctrine and then there is 2) everything else. Sound doctrine can also be translated as “true belief”. Therefore, being a slave trader is not a true belief. That makes it a wrong belief. Therefore, God does not approve.

As for the Exodus verse...break that verse down. Read it carefully. Two things are happening that lead to death. What are they? 1) stealing a person and 2) owning a person. I agree with Mr. Hale. You are forcing you own opinion onto the text.

There is another issue at hand, rather than your understanding of scripture; what exactly in your belief system makes it wrong to own another person? Why shouldn’t a person who is smarter, stronger or quicker exert force or control over a weaker person? If you are saying “Slavery is wrong”, is that an objective or subjective truth?



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