Anna Diehl #fundie

Our Creators say that it is very pleasing to Them to eternally punish those who scorn Them on earth and refuse to submit to Their Authority. They also say that no one ends up in Hell by accident—we only get there through willful rebellion. Well, the more you care about your Gods, the more important Their satisfaction will become to you. Certainly humans will never like the idea of other humans ending up in Hell, but your Creators say that the whole Hell package is a fabulous thing. So who are you going to side with? Suppose you knew that some human who you cared about ended up in Hell when they died. Would it be honoring to your Gods to go into some big depressed funk and sit around crying over that soul’s anguish like it’s some terrible thing? If you were to act that way, you would be siding with humans against your Gods. Humans say Hell is bad, the Gods who created Hell say it is good. As a Christian, you have to pick a side. You can’t straddle both camps when there is such a strong difference in opinions.

Now since you are a human, you can’t help the fact that you are personally disturbed by the notion of your Gods torturing humans forever. You don’t find such behavior easy to understand, but understanding is not what your Gods are asking of you. They want your loyalty. They want you to be choosing to side with Them over other humans whenever humans decide to oppose Them. So how do you do this when you still feel squeamish about Hell? It’s simple. You pray something like this:

“God, help me to honor You with my view of death. Help me to embrace attitudes that please You and help my devotion to You to grow so strong that I never consider siding against You for any reason.”



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