Varg Vikernes #fundie

I trained martial arts when I was young, actively for about five years, and we had some women there. Although we were training a form of karate, a martial art tailor made for small and physically weaker human beings, which should thus be ideal for women, the women there stood no chance in Hell in matches against any of the boys or men there. If they were to hit us we had to let them hit us, or else they would never hit. If they were to block our attacks, we had to hit or kick veeeeery slowly, or else they would stand no chance to block our attacks. In matches, the only thing that ever let them score a hit on one of the guys, was the guys’ reluctance to hit or in other ways hurt women or let women be humiliated in front of others. The male reluctance to hit women, can best be explained to women like this: try to imagine you being asked to hit a child. Would you like that?

When we know that, the claims by – yes – feminist extremists, that women were and perfectly well can be warriors, just like men, is just ridiculous. They can be buried with all the armour and weapons in the world: it doesn’t make them warriors! Any army made up of even a small portion of female warriors would have been butchered in the old days, and today – even though firearms evens the odds out a bit – the females still stand no chance, because they are not even able to carry all the gear they need to the front.

So if you still believe in “Viking Women” and other such nonsense, please take a moment to think. There were no such things. Physics alone rules female warriors out. Biology does too. The female soldiers we have today are – ‘big surprise’ – not front-line soldiers. They work in transport units, in kitchens, in intelligence, in entertainment units, in communication units, and so forth. They don’t have what it takes to be a real soldier.



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