WhenInRome #racist eurocanadian.ca

How I see this playing out is that Canada is doing something unique in the world. Countries like the US and the UK have flooded the underclasses with a lot of Africans, Latinos and Indian sub-continentals. People who will fill the prisons, and work at McDonald's. Canada however has prioritized the highly-educated (on paper), and then made affirmative action country-wide. Trump has said that he wants the Canadian system that only takes in the "best". How it will play out here is that our upper class, the politicians our elites, the good jobs will fall to the high-IQ (on paper) Asians and Indians (and Jews). European Canadians are getting squeezed out from below by the Blacks and others, and squeezed out from above by the Asians. The takeover will continue peacefully, as we will just be completely squeezed out of mainstream society. The Jewish media will never report it, and the Asian politicians will never discuss it. At least in the USA, everyone knows how to avoid the underclasses, by moving to the suburbs, moving to a gated community, working in certain sectors, etc. But in Canada, the non-violent squeeze will only get worse, and I am personally more afraid of being pushed out of society (already feels that way) than any form of violence.



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