Ché Ahn #fundie

I realize this sounds fantastic, hut sometimes when the glory of God manifests, gold, gold dust, and gems appear from nowhere. I know this is so, for I have seen it happen. While in Israel in May 2008, a gold nugget fell during one of our meetings, and a woman from our tour group handed it to me. My wife, Sue, frequently has gold dust form on her hands whenever she talks about Jesus. At Harvest Rock Church we have had numerous reports of church members instantaneously having their teeth filled with gold or covered by gold crowns. These supernatural occurrences have been verified by their dentists.

The sudden appearance of jewels and gems has happened in worship meetings around the world. A few years ago, my friend Bill Johnson, senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California, showed me pictures of gems that fell into the yard of a humble couple who lived in Idaho. Bill flew out to meet this elderly couple and to take pictures of these gems. They were perfect 50-carat gems made up of stones that a gemologist could not recognize. Then in July 2008 Rob DeLuca, an HIM pastor in New Zealand, showed me two small gems he carries in his wallet. One of the gems appeared in his church during worship time. The worship leader heard something rattling in his guitar, shook the instrument, and saw the gem fall out. Another gem was found when a church member fell to the ground in worship and saw the jewel on the floor next to him. Rob has had both of these gems assessed and was told they were precious stones unlike any currently found on earth.

Why are gems appearing? Why is gold dust appearing? I believe these occurrences are prophetic signs, indicating that God is bringing prosperity to His people for the purpose of transforming society.



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