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Unhinged C-SPAN Caller Says Rape Prevention 'Indoctrination' Destroyed The US Army

A C-SPAN caller on Sunday complained that the U.S. military was guilty of "indoctrination" because service members receive mandatory training on sexual assault prevention.

On Sunday's edition of Washington Journal, host Steve Scully invited calls from people who wanted to comment on the impact of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

In a call from in Georgia, "Kenneth" described himself as "an old retired Army sergeant major."

"And I want to tell you something," Kenneth began. "If you talk [about] the sexual stuff that's going on there [in D.C.] and that court was bad, you ought to see the U.S. Army now."

"Those women in Congress and in the Senate have absolutely destroyed the U.S. Army!" he continued. "Right now, you've got people going to classes like old Chinese Red Book classes. It's a mandatory -- it's mandatory! Everybody at Ft. Gordon for years now go to their 2-hour weekly indoctrination training to stop rape on post."

Kenneth griped that the "classes are mandatory" even though there are "not many" sexual assaults reported on base.

"And if you don't go, your career is over with," he bizarrely added. "And we have a problem now with overweight people afraid to say anything because they are afraid to be charged with being sexual harassers."

"So they don't say anything, they distance themselves from soldiers so that they don't have to come in contact with them," Kenneth concluded.



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