Jennifer Adams #fundie

[Trans women face many of the same issues and more as cis women. We have the same pay inequality with the added bonus of our employers having the right to fire us in 33 states for just being trans. We are judged to the same beauty standards as cis women. The same body image issues. I'd love to have a thigh gap, I'm envious of the women that do, but I'd have to just about kill myself to get it. Women are often their own worst enemies, trans women are not immune to this. I'm sure there are other issues that I can't think of off the top of my head. We are in the same boat, whether you like it or not.]

Being a woman isn't about knowing the history of the woman's movement or having a set of tits. You will never experience what it is truly like to be a woman. You never grew up with the misogyny, being excluded simply for the fact that you were a girl, you never had to prove yourself, you never had to tone down being too smart, you never grew up on the short end of double standards between men and women. You never had to smile and act lady like when the dirty uncle was making crude remarks, you never had to worry about getting raped your whole life and being extra careful who you hung around, you didn't have to worry your whole life about saying the wrong thing to your boyfriend who could beat you up, you never had to feel the vulnerability I have, you never had to keep your opinions to yourself or were forced to keep quite because that's how ladies act, or men never take you seriously because you were too pretty or men who never wanted to genuinely be your friend because they only wanted to fuck you. You didn't have a lifetime of being held to some high, unobtainable beauty standard. You didn't spend a lifetime being objectified. You never suffered through the embarrassment of bleeding through your panties and not being able to go the pool with all the other kids. You never had to brush off sexist, stupid remarks guys make your whole life. You never have to worry about getting pregnant or the anxiety of waiting on pregnancy test. You never have to worry if having a kid will ruin your whole life or what it will do to your already imperfect, un-model like body. You never had to worry about looking like Barbie. You never had adult men "accidentally" touch your boobs or your butt when you were 12. Or that optometrist that gives you a breast exam. You never had to worry about raising a child on your own. You never had to make a "security risk analysis" in every interaction with the opposite sex because they could potentially hurt you or rape you. You never had to count the days between periods. You've never had to ruin countless clothing because you've bled through. You've never had to worry about having a mental breakdown every 30 days since you were 12, you never grew up thinking that you could be president, an astronaut, a rockstar, a baseball player...because women usually aren't. You were never expected to forego an education for a family...and if you didn't, you would make less anyways. You never had to worry about getting shunned in an engineering class bc you were the only woman, you haven't had the lifelong experience of men dismissing your emotions because you're "on the rag", you didn't have a lifetime of getting forced in the kitchen with your mom while your brothers played ball with your dad, you never grew up thinking that you could be anything, only important people were men...You were never expected to be a full time worker, housekeeper, mother, and slave while some guy just drinks beer and sits on the couch and watches NFL.

All of these things and more, most women can relate to. You're a man-made woman, a sexist byproduct of what a man thinks a woman is.



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