brutus #racist

The uber frau is a jewish construct. The jew artificially empowers our women with powers they do not naturally possess. When legalized abortion was made law of the land by the jew, as an integral part of their White genocide program, it was women who were brainwashed to go completely against their natural maternal instinct. I remember thinking, if they can make a woman think it's OK to kill her offspring, they can make them do anything, no matter how insane. Our womenfolk have been turned into neurotic swine by the jew. The kike is solely resposible for manufacturing our women into unsuitable mates. Those who say men are just as fucked up.....I say fuck you! And I'm not saying there aren't a boatload of fucked-up men. What I'm saying is that it is women, specifically women, and more specifically jew-controlled women, who gave birth to and nutured boys into becoming fucked-up men. I lay 90% of the blame for the creation of serial killers, pedophiles, transgendered abominations, manginas, faggots, wife beaters and all matter of emotionally ill men at the feet of their mothers. Those women who had the biggest hand at forming the earliest and most fundelmental foundation and personalities of their children. It's women who've produced these monsters at the direction of the jew. To give people this gullible and simplistic, the power of the vote was the greatest harm ever done to the American White race by the jew.



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