Brian C #sexist

There’s a reason double-standards exist between sexes when it comes to number of partners. If you’re a reasonably-attractive woman, you can find someone to have sex with you in under an hour. Doesn’t matter if you can barely form a coherent sentence, you could go on Tinder, swipe right a few times, and be on your back in no time. Your number being over 100 tells your partners that you’re not discerning — all you did was say “yeah, sure” 100 times. To many men, that indicates that you’re not worth taking seriously, that you have bad judgment, that you have low self-confidence, that you’re validation-seeking, that you crave instant gratification.

Whereas in order for a man to have had sex with that many women, he generally has to be exceptionally attractive, charming, smooth, interesting, successful, etc. Attractive women don’t have to be any of these — men will fuck you no matter what. So while this seems like a misogynistic double-standard at first blush, it makes perfect sense given the different circumstances men and women face.



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