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Why a problem to be transcended? Because this evolutionary selected instinct is characterized by xenophobia, fear of those groups who are different, and preference for one's ethnic group. But why is this a problem if it is a behavioral disposition selected by nature for its survival advantages? Because this is a panel of Western scientists committed to the idea that diversity is a strength and that Western societies must be open to mass immigration. Why? Because these scientists are members of a European-created culture that has come to believe that European ethnocentrism, and only this ethnocentrism, is harmful to humanity. Therefore, Europeans, and only Europeans, must work towards universal forms of community and human solidarity without outside-ness and without fear of the other.

The word "self-delusion" came often to my mind as I heard these speakers. Self-delusion is defined as the act or state of deceiving or deluding oneself. A common example, the dictionary tell us, "is a person who believes himself to be much smarter than he actually is." But these scientists are smart. Perhaps the definition by Voltaire would apply: "The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants to believe." But the self-delusion here is even worse since these scientists have found reasons (based on their life-long research) not to believe whatever it is they want us to believe, but they still believe what they are ideologically expected to believe. And they are doing this openly in front of a large audience without anyone pondering over this self-imposed contradiction.

So, who is irrational? Those who fear the mass colonization of their countries by out-groups, or these scientists? These panelists are not the only cases of irrational reactions by researchers facing findings that question the mandated program of diversity. A well-known one is Harvard professor Robert Putnam's reaction to his own research discovery that ethnic diversity decreases trust and co-operation in communities. But his liberal convictions persuaded him to keep this research hidden for half a decade "until he could develop proposals to compensate for the negative effects of diversity". The proposals essentially came down to additional, more effective methods of indoctrination in favor of diversity. As he put it, "the central challenge for modern, diversifying societies is to create a new, broader sense of 'we'".



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