Pro-Vegan #fundie

In response to “I’m not a vegetarian hater; I just hate bogus arguments” Chimpanzees do NOT hunt down and consume other small animals, besides bugs like ants and fleas. While yes, humans were never meant to be strictly vegan, they were certainly not meant to eat pigs, or cows. Why do you think we cook and spice our meat? We cook our meet to avoid meat-borne diseases that carnivores and some omnivores are naturally resistant to, and so that we can actually chew and digest it. We spice and flavor our food so that the taste appeals to us. Also we don’t “salivate at the thought of grass and control our “instinctive” urge to eat every bush and plant they pass when walking down the street” because those aren’t plants that humans would consume naturally in the wild, but I would have to control the “urge” to eat a mango, for instance. And animals in the wild aren’t obese because they have a reason to get up and work out, while most humans don’t. Wild animals also don’t have the abundance of food that we do. In fact the reason we love sugars so much is that they are good and essential for us in the right amount, but scarce in the wild, so we have an instinct to eat them when available. the same goes for fats and oils found in potato chips. Humans are omnivores, but only to the point of our ability to eat certain bugs and worms, which is by standard, gross, and not something I, or anyone else considered “normal” would ever do unless forced.



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