Brasil2520 #racist

[About America's first Muslim college.]

This is like in the 1960's, when free slaves wanted to end segregation so 4 of them entered a Woolworth and sat at the lunch counter, the counter was for whites only, it was all a show so they could play the victims of the bad white men.

Now lets take a look at those 4 free slaves, they dressed very nice like white people with a tie, spoke very polite like white poeple, acted very nice like white people. All this helped to dumb down white people to think that free slaves are so nice so polite – lets end segregation and so it happened.

Look at America today, free slaves are not dressing nice acting nice, they lead in crime statistics, mostly black cities have chronic crime, high murder rates, Chicago 500+ murders last year and thats down from 900+ 20 years ago, so last year was good times for Chicago. Lucky us !

Whats worse is since ending segregation now white kids act like blacks !

This muslim college is also just a show in 50 years BOTH ! ! ends of this “Bridge” will look like Syria



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