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Starting with IFB leader/example setter Jack Schaap, and on down to the rest of you deceived fleebags who wink and nod at the evil positions of Hussein O.

Will it be...
When he signs the Freedom of Choice Act (already thru congress, which of course George Bush wouldn't sign and Hussein O has said it's the first thing he'll do)

When he signs into law all rights of gay couples to adopt.

When he signs into law 5 billion for Planned Parenthood which Bush resisted and not without criticism from the left

When he removes the Clinton compromise position of Don't Ask Don't Tell in the military. That is, they can "come out" without repercussion. They can find and enjoy one another at long last, right in our armed forces.

When he signs the fairness doctrine, which will affect Schaap's radio station (under construction). Schaap will have to call in gays so as to, in fairness, give their side of sodomy. (based on his soft stance on it, he may see this as a good thing)

When hate speech includes preaching against abortion. and is criminalized

When he appoints dozens of liberal judges to lower courts

When he appoints a pro abortion/pro gay Supreme Court judge to replace Stevens

That's just a small start of a long list.

And the question remains....WHEN will it be that Schaap and many of you here with stary eyes for the mullato man, realize we have elected evil.

And when you do, will you deal with it at an altar? Will you man up to the public that you were deceived?



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