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“77 dead on 7/14” – numerology signals false flag – UPDATES!

I’m watching Fox News in the aftermath of the carnage in Nice. They’re doing the same pre-scripted propaganda show they did on 9/11, only this time it’s even further over the top : “We are at WAR with Islam! Every Muslim who believes in shariah should be deported! Send more troops to the Middle East! Obama is a WIMP! Appeasement! Neville Chamberlain! This is war! Kill, kill, kill!”

Hannity is bringing on a parade of neocons, each one more rabid than the last. Most have no more actual terrorism expertise than “famous Fox terror expert” con man Wayne Simmons. They’re low-grade propagandists. And they don’t want to end terrorism. They’re part of the terror team themselves! Stop and think for a moment: If the neocon team behind Fox weren’t also behind the attack, they would downplay or ignore it. The “terrorists” want media coverage, OBVIOUSLY. So if you give it to them, ultra-big-time, you’re clearly part of their team. Can anyone really be stupid enough not to see that these “terror attacks” are PR stunts whose purpose is to create the hysterical “reporting” that follows? Does anyone at this point in history really not understand that the whole “war on terror” is a neocon-Zionist propaganda hoax, and that every one of these events is a false flag?

For the first couple of hours, the official death count was “at least 77.” (Then they upped it to “over 80” and then to “84” which is 77+7.) It happened on 7/14 (fourteen being two sevens, so 7/14 = 7 /7+7 = 777). 77 is a multiple of 11, and 777 is a multiple of 111. So once again, it’s an all-too-obvious case of illuminati numerology.

Army Intelligence Officer Capt. Eric May explained to me several years ago that the crime cabal behind the “war on terror” likes to “tag” their events with numbers, the same way gangs tag their turf with graffiti. Initiates look at the news coverage, see the magic numbers, and say to themselves “yep, our guys did that” and get with the program.



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