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Women are only expensive because they insist on working. A woman who is willing to not work doesn't cost more than her food and clothes. It's when you have to pay for child care and private school that you are poor. It's paying others to REPLACE her that's expensive. If she watched her own children, and taught them at home, it's all doable. Yes, anybody can home school. It's a national movement and there is a lot of help and support.

A man should place an ad explaining in the ad what he wants. It is not efficient or fun to try to talk people out of their ideas, so only have coffee with women who are already on board with your ideas.

Which should be: "I am looking for a wife to stay home, not work at all, and home-school our children. I can't afford any other kind of wife. Only phone me if that describes you. Have this education___ and be in this age range ___. My height is this ___, my weight is this ___. My financial situation is______ . "

Use a phone that can't be traced by women you reject. You don't want to be stalked. Meet only in a public place, for coffee mid-morning, not dinner, and don't exchange personal information until after three dates. She must call back, not you: don't you chase anybody. And no touching, not even a handshake. After three dates, instead of the usual Three Date Rule, it's: fine, we are getting married. Just a different Three Date Rule, and no more dangerous than the other kind. Less, actually. A woman who won't marry you after three dates doesn't feel enough for you to get a fourth date with you. Go on to the next.



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