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Male desire to own women


The male desire to own women is part of masculine psychology. Ownership of women can include the right to sex on demand and to the woman's faithfulness. Women have a complementary desire to be owned by men.

The Red Introvert argues, "She is not yours. It’s just your turn. It will always be 'just your turn'. It may last decades, but it won’t ever be a ‘sure thing’. This is one of the fundamental lessons betas don’t understand that ends up with them asking the questions such as ‘why did she leave? We were perfect together'".[1]

Henry Makow writes, "My wife recently asked me why I loved her. Instead of enumerating her good qualities, I simply answered honestly: 'Because you belong to me.'"[2]

Brigadon notes:[3]

EVERY man wants a slave for a wife, because a slave is property, something you own, possess, and care for. How can you love something that is not yours? How can you love someone if you do not maintain your own will? How can you love if you cannot be a true man, and prove that you are not just independent, but independent enough to support one or more others as your belongings?

Marriage is NOT about interdependence, It is about sharing your independence with someone else to ensure, what little you can have, of your immortality... It is the ultimate demonstration of your manliness to have, not only what you need, but surplus enough yo care for others.

Only a fool falls in love with what he cannot have... and if you cannot own your wife, you will never, ever have her. It is not beautiful, it is not honorable, it is not noble, it is simply showing that you are an idiot... sorta like 'making love' to a sheep with Gonorrhea.



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