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Though my heart breaks for the the dead and wounded & their families, I'm more troubled by the special martyrdom that has been draped around these people by the media and the lost in general. Instead of pushing them toward God, I fear this attack in Orlando is going to sink many LGBTs deeper into a "victim mentality of righteousness" that will forever extinguish God's light in their eyes. After all, who needs Him when notoriety just for being gay gives them celebrity status? It grieves me that society's praise for homosexuals' "bravery" will sustain many of them unto death. It's tragic to realize this life will be their only reward.

I've seen quite a few Christians saying exactly that on FB and other places online. In fact, I too have spent time the last two days witnessing on various sites after the Holy Spirit overwhelmed me with the need to proclaim Christ's grace & love to the dying at this late hour.

As you can imagine, many of the comments I received were profane and hateful. Sounded as if they were scripted by Satan himself. The most polite response I got was "are you really that ignorant?"

Yeah, it hurts to be hated for trying to pierce the darkness with His Truth. But it hurts a thousand times more to think of people passing into eternity without Him -- standing before the Living God in shame. That's why I believe no matter how unpleasant people are it's vital that we "press on" in bold witness until He calls us home. Unfortunately there will be other Orlandos in this evil world. When faced with death, I hope someone in danger will remember a message they once read that will cause them to cry out to Jesus for salvation. Imagine --- that message might have come from one of us.



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