Rosie Barnes #racist

Remember the world before multiculturalism, political correctness, “diversity” and the dark shadows of racism and Islamophobia? Countries like Australia once had very strict immigration policies: only those who had skills it needed, had something to contribute or could support themselves financially were even considered. The vast majority from the world’s two most violent and backward cultures, black African and Muslim, didn’t have the ghost of a chance. It didn’t want them and it was not considered racist or Islamophobic (the word didn’t even exist) to openly says so.

Now? Thanks to that lethal triple cocktail of PC/multikulti/diversity Australia is no different from any other Western country and is reaping the “reward” for its policies. As for countries like Britain, Sweden and Britain, still clinging to the fantasy of multiculturalism, the future looks very bleak indeed.

It’s one thing trying to contain the chaos and violence and keep would-be “migrants” in their their own countries, but inviting and welcoming them in to yours is social, cultural, and economic suicide.



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