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But a woman will only commit to a man that is above her.

Female perceptions of male status are crude and primitive, resembling that of a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters. Which is to say, a woman will only have sex with a man if a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters would perceive him as high status, and higher status than herself. Even if her conscious mind can learn to read male status correctly, her pussy overrules her conscious mind and causes her to go with more ancient indicators of status, indicators no longer appropriate in our civilized society.

Thus, in our modern and civilized environment, to make hypergamy eugenic, we have to support male status with signals a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters is capable of reading. Our middle and upper class needs to be more violent, or seemingly more violent.

To this end, to accommodate the primitive female mind too easily impressed by rule breaking and violence, we should bring back dueling, and grant high status males policing powers, and impose on them a duty to police order. Then we get more women screwing executives in the executive bathroom, and less women screwing thugs in a dark alley, which though still pretty bad, is a major improvement on what we have now.

Ghomeshi was able to have a fresh woman every night because he had actual high status, and, to a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters, his caveman behavior towards women was congruent with his actual status – his status as a mildly famous radio personality was, to a cannibal headhunter, congruent with his interpersonal behavior towards women.

He was a high status male in our society (being a moderately famous radio personality) and also behaved like a high status male in the ancestral environment, the environment of evolutionary adaptation, would have behaved – arrogant, violent, cruel, and demanding.



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