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[Part of a post reviewing the online game Runescape under Biblical principles]

This is what runescape had it had demons, witches, zombies, ghosts even down to possed people. Now you may say but i'm not practicing casting spells or doing omens. I have 2 things to say to that when you do the 8-ball or hororscopes what do you think that is it is practicing omens. As doing sorcery in the Bible times when you went to a fortune teller that was considered sorcery, so how is that different than a 8-ball or an Oujia board. Asided from this I have no objection to runescape it is entertaining, addicting, fun, even moral, but it still has witchcraft which I now will not do anymore. I also feel this way about starwars, lord of the rings, and especially harry potter.



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