Matthew Dickens #fundie

"You know the sky isn't really blue. And I'm also sure during the course of your elite education you have discovered, as your peers before you, that evolution isn't true either, a doctrine that defies the physical laws of entropy itself. A doctrine which also demands that you cling to the ridiculous theory of uniformity in the fossil record you no doubt know to be false due to all the edvidence of a universal flood. A flood which upset the fossil record with all its hydrostatic windstorms, volcanoes, cross currents, whirlpools and other hydraulic hemorrhages unleashed on this planet when the fountains of the deep were opened. And shall I comment on the cell structure of the human body as well, or the half-life of palonium halos in granite which also disprove Mr. Darwin? And lest I be remiss, shall I touch upon the Fibonacci phenomena in botany, music and art? Perhaps, since you are a quantum physicist, we should discuss just how much of our universe is constructed from dark matter? Or shall we talk about the introns and epigenetic marks of DNA? Or better yet, should we discuss the physics of the Roche Limit for the Earth's moon, and the retrograde motion of the planets? But even those providential laws, as consise as they are in light of the entropyric effects ordained to be inflicted upon them with the fall of mankind, cannot be compared to the Lord's supernatural superiority over his creations."



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