Karl Lueger #racist vnnforum.com

Jewish self hating psychopathy slips through their narrative.

Thats what their racial kinsman Freud always said, everything is symbolic of a deep seated psychosis. yeah jew-boys want to fuck their own moms and jew sluts want their daddy snipdick, they probably get it to, seeing how fuckin' inbred jews are.
we always explain jews are fucking insane, true itz.

I mean those motherfux even look like vermin, the beady little eyes, the pointy snouts, the weird posture and creepy glazed skin..

IS there a dual nature to the jew?
Well yes, more like a 3 or 4 faced nature, itz lies behind masks behind false faces, etc..

jews are Golum.. they hate and love themselves and project that anger onto others, many times humans simply ignore jews, but even then jews were convinced goyim were planning to exterminate them

So they promote the holohax as a means for economic exploitation, continual victim status and that allows political leverage

but also and this is the best part, deep down in that dark filthy hole of the jew psyche they WANT The Holocaust to be true, they know they deserve it

fucking kikes have sex-fantasies so of being sexually dominated, humiliated and abused by Nazis, male or female is all the same,
so think about that when we fire up the ovens and lampshade machines..



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